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Meet the Trout Bums


Nate has been wielding a fly rod for about twenty years. In his early teens he received a Cortland rod and reel as a gift from his grandparents and he's never looked back. His affinity for the aquatic world is a product of his childhood home on Seneca Lake's western shore. He credits his mother and grandfather for introducing him to fishing and for teaching him how to explore the streams in the area. Nate has spent a good portion of his life exploring the Finger Lakes and Adirondack Regions of New York. In more recent years, he's had the opportunity to expand his travels beyond New York into Pennsylvania and Maryland. Nate loves Wild fish and the adventures that are often required to find them.  He's a JP Ross Fly Rod junkie and if you ask him what fly he's tying on, he'll probably say "a frenchie".

Nate truly enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors. They camp, hike, hunt and fish as often as possible. Fly fishing has become a family affair in his house and he loves it when he and his wife, Becca, get to go on  "stream dates".

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